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Personal Bio

My Philosphy

I am a photographer who always wanted to find a career that were also apart of my passion, and are lucky to have found an incredible home at Snapshots of Life. But getting that perfect shot takes more than just a little bit of luck. That’s why I've spent years perfecting my art, because rain or shine, I want to capture the perfect photo needed to document your day. I am available to photograph any of your events, and are happy to answer any of your questions.

Pictures Captured

Wonderful Creations

Here are some pieces from my portfolio!

Backyard Garden

Backyard Dues

Danger in the Garden

This is from my friends backyard that looks like it should be in a cut scene fro ma horror movie.

Shammy, 21



This is my friend who was gracious enough to be one of the models for some portrait's. Out of the many professional photos this one was the best photo to me and showcased who he is!

Ottawa park


Lost between the seams 

A park seems so lonely without anyone there, I believe I captured the essence of that feeling.

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